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10 Tools Every Homeowner Needs

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Whether you are a pro or an amateur when it comes to DIY projects, there are some basic tools you should have in your toolkit. As a homeowner, not only do you have to keep up with repairs and maintenance, but you also need to be prepared for the unexpected. To ensure you’re ready to handle whatever comes your way, here are the 10 tools every homeowner needs:

1. Hammer
10 tools every homeowner needs- hammer

No matter what projects you have planned for your home, a hammer is always a useful tool. With its simple design, a hammer can help you with everything from hanging a picture to building a deck. When choosing a hammer, look for one that has a straight back, has a flat head, feels comfortable in your hand, and has a weight of roughly 16 ounces.

2. Wrench Set
10 tools every homeowner needs- wrench

Wrenches come in various sizes and can be used for multiple tasks, from tightening loose bolts to fixing a leaky faucet. A basic wrench set should include a variety of standard and metric sizes, as well as a ratcheting wrench for tight spaces. In addition, it’s always handy to have a few adjustable wrenches on hand for those times when you need a little extra leverage.

3. Tape Measure
10 tools every homeowner needs- tape measure

Whether measuring for new curtains or planning a home renovation, homeowners should always have a tape measure to take accurate measurements whenever necessary. Almost any tape measure will do, but a 25-foot tape measure with a ¾-inch-wide tape is best.

4. Screwdriver Set
10 tools every homeowner needs- screwdriver

Screwdriver sets come in handy for those minor repairs and maintenance around your home, such as when you need to tighten a loose doorknob or replace a broken electrical switch. A basic set should include a variety of screwdriver heads to fit different size screws and an extender rod to reach tight spaces.

5. Pliers
10 tools every homeowner needs- pliers

Pliers are one of the most versatile tools any homeowner should have. Need to tighten a loose screw? Cut a piece of wire? Remove a stubborn nail? Pliers can do all of that and more. There are many different types, but these two will do the job about 99% of the time- a needle nose and a linesman plier.

6. Allen Wrench Set
10 tools every homeowner needs- allen wrench

Also known as hex keys, these L-shaped tools tighten or loosen screws and bolts with a hexagonal socket. Sound familiar? If you have IKEA furniture at home, you have definitely used these before! While they seem basic, they can come in handy. Most Allen wrench sets come in various sizes to accommodate different-sized screws and bolts.

7. Level
10 tools every homeowner needs- level

A level is one of the most essential tools for any do-it-yourselfer. Whether hanging pictures or building shelves, a level ensures that your projects are straight and look great! Tip: don’t buy the discounted ones because most of them are not truly level.

8. Utility Knife
10 tools every homeowner needs- utility knife

Unpacking your new home will involve a lot of boxes, and as a homeowner, you never know when this versatile tool will come in handy. Be sure to buy a normal-sized one, don’t opt for the miniature. Utility knives typically have a retractable blade, making them safer to use than fixed-blade knives. Many utility knives also have a built-in razor, which is handy for removing stickers and other adhesive materials.

9. Flashlight
10 tools every homeowner needs- flashlight

A flashlight is a simple tool, but it can be invaluable in an emergency. I know what you’re thinking- ‘but I have my cellphone.’ While the flashlight on your phone can come in handy, it may only be helpful for a short time. Whether you need to find your way in the dark or want to be prepared for a power outage, a flashlight can provide light when you need it most. In addition to being a valuable tool for emergencies, a flashlight can also come in handy for everyday tasks like checking the breaker box or looking for lost keys. You may not always be able to hold the flashlight while using your hands, so it’s also a good idea to consider a headlight.

10. Drill or Driver
10 tools every homeowner needs- drill

Don’t let power tools intimidate you! A drill or driver is a handy tool to create quick work from any task. A driver makes driving difficult screws effortless. Drills and drivers are often sold in kits; there is an option to get drill bits that fit in a driver so that the driver can duo as both. Cordless is best- but don’t forget to charge the battery!

Whether you’re a homeowner who does all your own repairs or one that calls for help at the first sign of trouble, it’s always good to have a solid set of tools on hand. While this list is by no means exhaustive, it should give you a good starting point for your toolbox. Do you have them all? If not, be sure to add the 10 tools every homeowner needs to your Home Depot shopping list!

Remember- if a problem arises and you are unsure where to start or what to do, be sure to call in the professionals! Don’t try to tackle it on your own, as this can create more issues. These tools are meant for those minor repairs and maintenance around the home if you are capable and willing to do them on your own. If that’s not you- don’t sweat- call for help! We would be happy to provide a list of reputable contractors in the area.

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10 tools every homeowner needs

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