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10 Yard Work Tasks to Complete This Fall in Kingston

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As the summer warmth gradually fades and leaves start to change colour, fall becomes the perfect time for homeowners in Kingston to get their yards ready for the upcoming winter months. Beyond the picturesque scenery, autumn presents an opportunity to complete crucial tasks that will pay off in the long run. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or considering hiring professionals, these 10 yard work tasks to complete this fall in Kingston will ensure your outdoor space is well-prepared for the colder days ahead.

  1. Clear and Check Eavestroughs, Gutters, and Downspouts:
    Ensuring your roof’s drainage systems are functioning efficiently is paramount with the inevitability of precipitation. Fallen leaves and needles can obstruct water flow, leading to potential damage. Clean and clear eavestroughs, gutters, and downspouts, and consider installing gutter guards to minimize buildup. Also, ensure that water is directed away from your home’s foundation to prevent any water-related issues.
  2. Plant Spring Bulbs:
    Invest in the future beauty of your yard by planting spring bulbs such as daffodils, hyacinths, irises, lilies, and tulips. Plant them at their ideal times, taking care to follow planting guidelines. This simple effort now will yield a colorful and vibrant garden come spring.
  3. Apply Mulch:
    Give your perennials and cool-weather annuals some extra protection by applying a layer of mulch (around five centimeters) before the cold sets in. Mulching helps prevent soil erosion and inhibits weed growth in the following spring.
  4. Aerate the Lawn:
    Fall provides an excellent opportunity to aerate your lawn, breaking up soil compaction and promoting root development. Aerating in spring and fall is beneficial, especially for frequently used grounds. You can rent a machine or use aeration shoe attachments for quick and efficient results.
  5. Fertilize the Lawn:
    Boost your lawn’s root health with a 4-1-2 fertilizer approximately three weeks before the last mowing of the year. While multiple applications are optimal, a fall fertilizer treatment can significantly enhance your lawn’s resilience and vibrancy.
  6. Pressure Wash and Stain the Deck:
    Prepare your deck for winter by pressure washing away mold and mildew, then applying a weatherproofing stain once completely dry. These protective measure guards against snow-related damage.
  7. Remove Fallen Leaves:
    Raking fallen leaves isn’t just for appearances; it’s essential for lawn health. Leaving leaves on the ground can smother grass and lead to issues come spring. Alternatively, use a lawn mower to mulch the leaves and add them to your garden to protect plants.
  8. Prepare the Lawn:
    Give your lawn a close cut before the first snowfall to promote faster soil drying in spring, resulting in a healthier lawn. This is also the time to lay down cool-season grass seed, allowing it to root and thrive for the upcoming season.
  9. Protect Outdoor Furniture:
    Extend the life of your outdoor furniture and features by cleaning, drying, and storing them properly. Stack and cover pieces in a garage or shed, and consider tightly wrapping larger items with tarps to shield them from the elements.
  10. Prune Trees and Shrubs:
    Fall is an excellent time to prune trees, shrubs, and bushes that require regular maintenance. Identify and remove dead branches before they lose their leaves, as these could harbor disease and insects. Pruning enhances curb appeal and overall appearance.

Bonus Indoor Tasks:
While focusing on your yard, spare some time to ensure your indoor environment is also ready for the colder months. Seal air leaks, replace furnace filters, install a smart thermostat, reverse ceiling fans, and attend to smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Embracing these 10 yard work tasks to complete this fall in Kingston will set your home up for success throughout the winter and into spring. By addressing these essential chores, you’ll not only enjoy a picturesque fall season but also ensure your yard and home remain healthy, attractive, and well-maintained.

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