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8 Best Local Spots to Get Pizza in Kingston

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While there are many great pizza places in Kingston (can you really go wrong with pizza?!), these are some of our personal favourites! Whether you’re looking for thin & crispy wood-fired pizza or a classic, cheesy, greasy pie. These are the 8 best local spots to get pizza in Kingston. Tried and true, for all you pizza lovers. 🍕 🍕 🍕

Wooden Heads: This one is an obvious. You just cannot go wrong here. Wood-fired pizzas made to order. Whether you choose from their preselected toppings or create your own, there will be absolutely no regrets. Located at 192 Ontario Street, Wooden Heads is a Kingston staple and a favourite to so many. Our recommendations: Arrabbiata, Dynamo 2.0, and Nonna Mela.

Atomica: Another downtown spot (71 Brock Street) making delicious, artisan pizza pies. There’s something for everyone, with the option to substitute gluten-free crust or vegan ‘mozzarella’. These pizzas are the perfect amount of thin, crispy, cheesy, and delicious. There are also 2 options for deep dish pizzas, which are equally as cheesy and oh-so-delicious. Recommendations: Atomica, Retro, and the North-Side Deep Dish. Yummmm!

Score Pizza: It’s like build your own sub, but BETTER. Build your own PIZZA. Stone fired pizza right before your eyes. The crust is thin and crispy, to which you add your favourite toppings. This is a quick, easy, affordable, and delicious way to satisfy your pizza craving. Found at 91 Princess Street. Recommendations: Do not forget the honey drizzle.

Pizza Monster: What started out as a backyard hobby turned into something wonderful for all of us to enjoy. This new pizza joint is located in the Inner Harbour at 213 Montreal Street. Pizza Monster serves wood-fired pizza with incredible flavour. The chewy dough and perfectly placed toppings are truly a work of art. They have 8 different signature options, and you won’t need anything else. Recommendations: Pineapple (yes, we said it) and Salami. So. Good!

Paradiso Pizza: from Italy to Kingston, this family knows what they are doing when it comes to making pizza. They are home to Kingston’s largest pizzas, the 21” jumbos. The perfect amount of cheese, toppings, and sauce all atop a perfect tasting crust. Here, they have it all! From traditional toppings to signature features like the Pickle Pizza and Bacon Mac n Cheese. Try out one of their specials or create your own. They have two locations in Kingston (Bath Road and Division Street) and an additional spot in Inverary. Recommendations: Paradiso Special, you can’t go wrong.

Tony’s Pizza: This is the stuff I grew up on and it’s just as good now as it was then. This pizzeria is proudly owned and operated by two brothers who opened their doors up in 1991 at the age of 18! The perfectly tasting dough and pizza sauce pair flawlessly with all your favourite toppings. They also have note-worthy subs, but that’s for another day. If you’re in the west end looking for some quality pizza, be sure to check them out! Recommendations: The Tony’s Special, a go-to favourite in our house.

Big Bob’s: A hidden gem located in Kingston’s east end on Gore Road. They are one of the newer pizza joints in town, but they sure know what they are doing! Serving classic, authentic pizza with quality toppings and cheese. If you haven’t tried their pizza, now is the time. Recommendations: Big Bob’s special. Run, don’t walk!

Mamma Mia: This pizza joint has been serving pizza to Kingston since 1971, so when it comes to pizza, they know what’s up. Starting with their signature pizza dough + perfected pizza sauce + fresh mozzarella + high-quality toppings and ending with it all being cooked to perfection. Are you drooling yet? With 2 Kingston locations (Elliott Ave and Front Road) and city-wide delivery, this well-known pizza is just a call (or click) away! Recommendations: Mamma Mia Special. Bon Appétit!

What are your favourite pizza spots in Kingston? Let us know if our list of the 8 best local spots to get pizza in Kingston covered your favourites!

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