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Kingston Real Estate Market Recap – January 2021

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Jordan Quaresma here from RE/MAX Rise and the Quaresma Realty Group. It’s time now for your Monthly Market Update, this time for January 2021.

So, last month we saw 119 sales; in comparison with December, we saw 143, and if we look back to January 2020, we’re at 113 transactions. 

Average sale price, and now this may blow your mind, the average sale price for the month of January was $519,000. To give you a comparison, December was $506,000, and this one is pretty wild: January 2020, the average sale price in Kingston was $426,000, that’s quite the increase. Average days on market last month was 27 days. In comparison to December 2020, it was 22 days, and in January 2020, we saw 39 days.

So there’s your Market Update as to how this year is going thus far. I can easily say, and a lot of other Realtors probably agree with me: it’s probably one of the craziest Januaries we have ever seen in the Kingston Market. The number of homes selling for well above asking, well beyond what you think a house would sell in for in a particular neighbourhood. So, we will keep you posted if that continues into the year.

Until then, stay safe, and I will talk to you soon. 

Thanks again.

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