Hey everyone, Jordan Quaresma here from RE/MAX Rise and the Quaresma Realty Group. It’s time now for your Monthly Market Update, this time for September 2021.

The number of truncations last month was 152 which is slightly down from 161 last month but are still up 14% over the same time period last year.

Homes on average did sell quicker in September in comparison to August, we averaged 14 days compared to 16. Year to date we are averaging 17 days while we were 23 days at the time period last year

The average sale price for September was 619,000 which is a significant jump for August where we average 589,000, that’s a 5% jump. Year to date we are 588,000 which is up 27% over the same time last year.

That concludes your market update for this month, if you have any questions about anything we’ve shared, or real estate related reach out to us. 

Be sure to look for our next video, and again, until then, stay safe. Thank you very much, and have a great day.