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Monthly Maintenance Tips – April

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Spring is a great time to get some work done outside and boost your home’s curb appeal! So, the Monthly Maintenance tips for April focus on the outdoors. Now put your gloves on and get ready for some spring cleaning outside!

April Monthly Maintenance Tips

✓ Take the spring cleaning outside and tidy up the outdoors after a harsh winter. Clear your yard, remove dead grass and debris, and trim unruly leaves & branches.

✓ Prepare your lawn and garden for the growing season. Remove weeds and fertilize. You can also start planting hardy plants and perennials. Click here for a great resource on how you can prepare your lawn for spring.

✓ Inspect and clean windows and doors, including screens. Dirt and grime tend to get stuck in our windows during the winter months.

✓ Pressure wash and clean your home’s siding, deck, and any other outdoor areas that have taken a beating over the winter months.

Still looking to do more to boost your home’s curb appeal? Simple things like updating your house numbers, mailbox, and light fixtures can make a world of a difference.

That’s it for Monthly Maintenance Tips for April. Be sure to follow along on our blog for Monthly Maintenance Tips each month!

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