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Monthly Maintenance Tips – May

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Another month has come and gone, and this edition of Monthly Maintenance Tips for May focuses mainly on the outdoors again. But I mean, who doesn’t want an excuse to spend more time outside while getting things done? It’s a win-win in our books!

Monthly Maintenance Tips for May

βœ… May is electrical safety month! Take time this month to ensure your home and family are protected from electrical hazards. πŸ”Œ Check your electrical outlets and cords for damage. Consider covering unused outlets to prevent any accidents and to keep dust/debris out. For additional tips on electrical safety at home, click here.

βœ… Grilling season is upon us! If you haven’t yet, give your grill a good cleaning. Then start grillin’ up a storm! 

βœ… Continue your spring lawn maintenance by aerating soil and allowing it to breathe. This month we will see temperatures begin to rise, which means you can prepare your gardens for planting. The May 2-4 weekend is a great time to plant spring annuals and summer bulbs. If you have started your seeds inside, it is also a great time to transfer them into your garden. 

βœ… Inspect and repair your fences and gates. Depending on the extent of damage you come across, you may want to consider replacing it all together. If that’s the case – feel free to reach out to us for recommendations on who to get the job done!

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