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Monthly Maintenance Tips – November

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Although we are still enjoying the crisp fall air, the cold weather will be here before we know it. This month, it will be important to take preemptive measures around your home before harsh weather arrives to keep your family and visitors safe. Here are our monthly maintenance tips for November.

  • Replace broken shovels, service your snow blower, and stock up on salt. Getting the supplies you need now will save you from the long lines in store before the first snowfall. It also feels good to be prepared, doesn’t it?
  • Check and maintain exterior hand railings and stairs, ensuring they are safe and secure. This will prevent any unwanted accidents for you and your loved ones.
  • Winterize your AC unit: turn it off, clean it, change the filters, check the insulation on the pipes, and cover. These steps will protect your unit from the nasty weather and keep it in great shape for next summer. Click here for a more detailed guide on preparing your AC unit for winter.
  • Don’t let winter damage your water lines! Turn off/winterize outdoor plumbing before the season’s first freeze. Click here to learn how to winterize outdoor faucets. Winterizing your water pipes will save you (and your wallet) from the headache and hassle of frozen pipes.

That’s it for your monthly maintenance tips for November. Be sure to follow our blog for monthly maintenance tips each month.

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