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Out & About In Kingston – January 2022

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There’s no surprise that January’s list of things to do in Kingston is less than exciting than December. The chaos of the holidays is dwindling and many of us are opting to stay home and save money. Top that off with increasing cases in our area and added restrictions, we are limited again with what we can do in YGK.

New Year’s resolutions often include getting fit and eating healthier – so will your month look a little more different than your last? Maybe you plan on getting more workouts in and eating more healthier, wholesome meals. Let us know what your New Year’s resolutions are!

We have created a list of COVID-friendly things to do in Kingston in January 2022

Support Local Restaurants

Once again, Ontario restaurants are being forced into providing takeout only. Many of them not expecting this shift, have stocked up on foods and supplies for business to run as (the new) usual. Let’s all do our part in keeping these businesses going during these difficult times and order direct from our favourite local restaurants. Don’t be afraid to try somewhere new too! Let us know your favourite spots, there may just be more giveaways coming your way 😉

Memorial Centre Farmer’s Market

The Memorial Centre Farmer’s market continues every Sunday at 9 am. Shop from local farmers and enjoy live music and activities for the kids. For more information on vendors each week and to place your orders online for pickup Sunday, click here.

Skating at Springer Market Square

Grab your skates and head down to Springer Market Square behind city hall! This is a free outdoor activity that is great for the whole family. Open 7 days a week, until 10 pm nightly.

Hiking at a Local Trail or Provincial Park

Get up and get moving! If this was part of your New Year’s Resolutions don’t let the recent restrictions hold you back. The Kingston and surrounding area have an abundance of amazing trails for you to check out and enjoy on your own, with your partner, or the whole family! For information on what trails are close by and their level of difficulty, you can download the AllTrails app of visit https://www.alltrails.com/canada/ontario/kingston

Stay Active and Healthy

Don’t let the lockdowns set you back from your goals. You may even see it as an opportunity to change up your routine and try new things. Try some online yoga, go for a walk around your neighbourhood, throw on some music and dance- get creative and have some fun! The online world is flourishing with resources to stay active and eat healthy.

For healthy recipes, try out some of the following websites:




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