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Quick Staging Guide

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  • Clean home thoroughly: vacuum, sweep, mop, wash windows and mirrors
  • Declutter and remove all excess furniture and family items
  • Make sure all lights work and light bulbs are matching hue (including lamps)
  • Identify and make any repairs that are required
  • Store unnecessary items in the garage or storage room(s)
  • Empty garbage and store bins
  • Remove any evidence of pets. Remove toys, beds, feeding bowls before photos or showings


  • Declutter any surfaces, open shelving, countertops, and sinks
  • Clean and wipe down every surface
  • Declutter countertops while leaving appliances/items that add style and personality
  • Remove any personal items or art from the fridge
  • Ensure appliances are clean inside and out (stove, microwave, fridge, etc.)
  • While delicious, resist cooking strong smelling foods


  • Ensure all surfaces are clean
  • Remove any personal items
  • Declutter/organize area around sinks, toilets and shower/tubs
  • Declutter/organize drawers, cupboards, and countertops
  • Make sure all glass and mirrors are spotless
  • Replace shower curtain if need be
  • Add colour and style with textiles


  • Ensure all beds are made and rooms are tidy
  • Remove any personal items
  • Get rid of any excess furniture to make the room feel larger
  • Declutter/organize bedside tables, shelves, dressers and closets 
  • Declutter/organize the kids’ room, make sure essentials are neatly displayed

Living Spaces

  • Get rid of any excess furniture to make the room feel larger
  • Remove personal items
  • Accentuate the best parts of the room, such as fireplaces, windows, paintings/artwork, etc
  • Create a cozy vibe like fluffing the pillows, adding throw blankets
  • Neatly put away toys



  • Keep driveway, all walkways, patio/decks and steps clear of snow and ice


  • Declutter and clean the yard and deck/patio of toys and personal items
  • Organize patio furniture
  • Remove weeds and mulch flower beds
  • Mow the lawn
  • Clear all leaves and compost

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