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Spring Cleaning Tips

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Spring is just around the corner. A season that is known for fresh, new beginnings. The outside world naturally comes back to life, rejuvenated after a long winter. You take a look inside and wish the spring had the same natural effect indoors. Surprise! It does not. So you have to put the work in to create a fresh space. If you are like many of us and spring cleaning seems like such a daunting chore, try simplifying the process. Here are some spring cleaning tips to help get you started.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning doesn’t look the same for everyone. Some people feel they need to finish it all in one day, or one weekend. Others may pick away at it throughout the week. However, creating a clear plan and schedule will help keep you on track, regardless of your timeline. To help break up the lengthy list of things to do, try tackling your list room by room. And if you don’t have enough time one day to move on to the next room, save it for the next day!

Declutter each room. Get rid of the things you no longer need. Organize everything that is left behind. This is a great time to use some bins to help keep you organized.

Tackle monthly and seasonal chores. Visit our blog for monthly maintenance tips each month.

Don’t forget to get everyone in the household involved! Make it a family event and have some fun with it. This doesn’t have to be a one-man job. The more hands involved, the quicker things will get done.

Create new cleaning habits and stay consistent, so this doesn’t seem like such a daunting task each year. Stay on top of your chores and don’t let the junk pile up!

Keep an eye on our blog for more spring cleaning tips to come this week.

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